BOND Savings and Loans joins in ‘Wear Ghana Month’.

By: John Oduro

BOND Savings and Loans Plc joined in the Wear Ghana Month, where staff of the company across all outlets in Accra, Tema and Kumasi showcased their fashion flare in Ghanaian traditional clothes.

The National Commission for Culture declared March, as the month for wearing Ghanaian Made Products. The move is to promote locally manufactured products as part of activities to commemorate the Independence Anniversary of our dear country.

The Head of Human Resource, Maame Esi Abbam indicated that, BOND as a wholly owned Ghanaian company keen on showcasing its “Ghanaianess”, chose the 5th of March, 2019 to mark the day which was dubbed “PROUDLY GHANAIAN DAY”. She said, the day was full of excitement as management and staff recognized the need to help in the growth of local industries in our own small way.

She also believes that the call for Ghanaians to patronize made in Ghana products was a noble call hence the participation by staff and management of BOND SAVINGS AND LOANS PLC.

The Chief Executive Officer stated his full support for the concept of Ghana month as a way of focusing on the ability of the Ghanaian and reigniting the spirit of patriotism. BOND SAVINGS AND LOANS PLC being wholly owned Ghanaian business with a strong brand has an absolute believe in the capability of citizens of this nation.

He was excited about the level of spontaneity and enthusiasm exhibited on this day and the apparent sense of fulfillment on the faces of staff.

He said, for BOND, the marking of the day goes beyond wearing Ghanaian; it is a manifestation of the ability of the company to marshal its rich human capital to achieve a desired objective. Looking at how each staff turned out to mark the day, it was evident of the fact that some level of careful study, planning and great thought was actually invested into the process.

He further stated that, the level of participation by staff illustrates a virtuous culture of teamwork, unity of purpose and that when BOND decides to embark on any venture the commitment given to it by all staff is invariably total.

BOND will continue to do what it does best which is providing relationship based financial services with ample focus on value driven innovative products and services and make it a point to use such opportunities to lend its support to all activities that will help in encouraging the forward movement of this great nation. We have looked up the buy a research paper for college cheap words from our list of common misspellings in the oxford new monitor corpus pay someone to write my essay and identified the top ten most frequent misspellings appearing in it.

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